What is the autumnal equinox? How will it affect my mood?

Are you ready to get all celestial and wizardry this month and find your inner magician!?

⁠Whether you fully immerse or just like to dip in and out of watching the crazy, beautiful night sky - this week feels like the perfect time to introduce our latest AW21 arrival.

As September's full moon and harvest moon fall right now, this also marks the arrival of the September equinox and beginning of the astronomical autumn. The long summer nights have passed and we are now entering a season of transition, and the official beginning of Autumn. 

Spiritually Autumn's Equinox represents both the equilibrium of day and night and the balance of lightness and darkness in ourselves and in our lives. An amazing time of reflection and looking at what we want to let go of and what we want to nurture coming into the wintertime months.

One of our latest Liberty print additions - is this magical Fizz Pop Tana Lawns. It was originally created with painted paper collage in the Liberty Fabrics studio. This is a simple but energetic design inspired by the magic of extraordinary children's book stories.⁠. We all know they are packed full of both the dark and light side of storytelling.

This stellar detail is rich in colour with an inky black background. Full of colourful stars and mini moons and shooting shapes. A beautiful and playful take on your imagination.⁠

This print is part of our *All New* AW21 collection and available in all our signature Tot Knot styles.⁠